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Migraine Headaches Impair A Wall Street Trader

“Dan” was a very successful trader at a major brokerage firm. The job required long hours entertaining clients at night and was very stressful. Dan began to have daily migraine headaches, with both sensitivity to light and sound (photophobia and phonophobia). When he should have been at the trading desk, Dan was forced to escape to a private office and take long naps; he just could not keep up with the requirements of the job. Dan applied for benefits on his own, which were granted.Disability Lawyers in New York
About 9 months later, however, the insurance company hired an investigator who interviewed Dan’s treating neurologist. As often happens, the investigator misrepresented the sum and substance of the discussion, implying that Dan’s neurologist no longer believed he was disabled. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Recognizing that he was in need of help, Dan contacted Riemer & Associates. We immediately contacted the neurologist, who was quite upset that he had been misquoted. We worked with the neurologist to prepare a detailed statement refuting the investigator’s misrepresentations. The insurance company backed down and continued to pay Dan his benefits.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Ravages A Television Producer

“Danielle” was a producer at a television station. As a producer, Danielle was required to fly around the world at a moment’s notice and had to meet impossible deadlines. Eventually, the pain and fatigue took its toll and Danielle could no longer handle the rigors of the job.

When Danielle contacted Riemer & Associates, we worked with her to devise an exit strategy from work and helped her complete the insurance company’s application forms. Benefits were granted by the insurance company. Periodically, the insurance company has requested that Danielle complete update forms and attend interviews. The Firm has assisted Danielle every step of the way. Riemer & Associates continues to work with Danielle to ensure that her benefits are not interrupted.

Depression Incapacitates An Insurance Company Attorney

“Kate” was a successful attorney at an insurance company before she became incapacitated by major depression. She applied for and was granted disability benefits. After receiving benefits under her policy for over 10 years, she was informed by the insurance company that her disability was being re-evaluated. As part of the re-evaluation, the insurance company wanted to interview Kate in
her home.

Kate was referred to Riemer & Associates by her Social Security attorney. Kate is a very private person and did not want the intrusion of the insurance company at her home. The Firm negotiated with the insurance company and arranged for the interview to take place in our office. The Firm also thoroughly prepared Kate for the interview by reviewing with her their knowledge of questions the insurance company representative was likely to ask, and by conducting a mock interview. The insurance company determined that Kate remained totally disabled. Her benefits were continued without interruption.

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