Does your disability claim keep you up at night?

Rest easy.  We can help win your claim, lessen your burden, and ease your stress.  Our win rate is over 95%.  Our client reviews are 5-Star.

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Don't face the insurance company alone.  See how our disability attorneys protect you every step of the way.

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Ending sleepless nights

Each day at work is a struggle. Easy tasks are now overwhelming. You're worried you'll be fired. You know it’s time to start thinking about long term disability, but how will you support your family? The stress is enough to keep you up at night.

You want to reduce the stress. You want to sleep at night. You don't want to face this alone. You need help. The disability attorneys at Riemer & Associates are here to help. No more sleepless nights.


Leaving work protected

No one worked harder than you. You’re proud of your career and accomplishments. Your company has been good to you. Your co-workers depend on you. How can you leave work with dignity, while also protecting your rights? Where do you even begin?

It all starts with careful planning. Our talented team of disability attorneys will play a critical role in planning your seamless exit from work. Let us help you leave work responsibly and with dignity. We'll tie up all the loose ends for you.


Filing a winning disability claim

Everything depends on your disability claim - the consequences of denial are unthinkable.  Disability application forms are so confusing and complicated.  Where do you even start?  How do you avoid disaster and make sure your claim is as strong as possible?

You could deal with this when healthy, but now it is overwhelming.  You have too much to worry about right now.  You feel you need someone to safely guide you through the process.  Rest easy knowing the disability attorneys at our firm win 95% of all disability claims we file.


Protecting your long-term disability benefits

You need your monthly benefit check to pay your mortgage.  How are you supposed to sleep knowing the insurance company could terminate your benefits and turn your life upside down at any moment?  The weight of this worry is constant. 

Don't worry, we have your back.  Our disability insurance attorneys successfully protect tens of millions of dollars in benefits each year.  What's more, we'll cover all your legal needs for one flat annual fee so you'll never need to worry about unexpected legal fees.


Filing winning appeals & litigation

A claim denial can mean months and possibly years without income to support your family.  We do everything possible to avoid a denial and prevent this hardship.  But, if your claim is denied, how do you make sure your appeal has the best chance of winning?

Our disability attorneys are prepared and ready to fight for you.  We’ll make your claim stronger and develop legal arguments to improve your chances of winning.  Rest easy knowing you have Riemer & Associates in your corner.


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5 Step Guide to Leaving Work Protected

Learn how to develop a strong exit strategy and leave work protected in this easy to follow 5 step guide.