Maxine Riley

Maxine Riley
275 Madison Avenue
26th Floor
New York, New York 10016
Phone: 212.297.0700 ext 105
Fax: 212.297.0730


What I like best about my job: As a disability paralegal I provide direct and indirect services to people in need.  I enjoy direct contact with clients and ultimately providing them with an opportunity to maintain and/or establish financial security during difficult stages in their life. My job provides me with an opportunity to guide, support and assistance others through every stage of a disability claim. It’s emotional rewarding and gratifying to be of service to others.

Why I became a lawyer/paralegal: I chose a career as a disability paralegal because it offers a unique opportunity to help individuals under stress and families devastated by chronic illnesses. Everyday, my job provides me with an opportunity to help others in securing and maintaining benefits. With an extensive professional background in advocacy and social services, I am devoted to assisting others in obtaining financial benefits necessary in preserving their quality of life.

Town/State Born: Brooklyn, NY

Town/State Live:  Bloomfield, NJ

Favorite Food: Mexican and/or Italian

Favorite Hobby:  Traveling

Favorite Sports team: Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Cowboys

What’s on my bucket list? Visiting the Great Wall of China or the Blue Lagoon in Iceland


BA, Psychology, The College of New Jersey, 2008


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