How a Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Disability Benefits

Long Term Disability insurance attorney

You struggled with the decision to leave work.  You just couldn’t handle the pressure anymore.  You applied for long term disability benefits.   It took three months, but benefits were granted.  Now they are your life blood.  You just can’t afford to lose them.  You’re worried the insurer will spy on you or send you to a hack doctor.  You’re worried your benefits will be terminated. 


We understand.  You want someone to come in and take charge of the situation.  You want someone to help with the insurer’s constant requests for updates.  You want someone who has your back, and someone who will give you prudent advice.  You want someone to do all this knowing you are now on a fixed income. 


Riemer & Associates, a firm of disability lawyers based in New York City, has been successfully representing professional and executive claim holders like yourself for over 25 years.  Our disability attorneys successfully protect tens of millions of dollars in benefits each year.  What's more, we will cover all your legal needs for one flat annual fee so you never need to worry about unexpected legal fees.


When you hire Riemer & Associates, we’ll be with you every step of the way.  After 25 years of practice we have honed a claims monitoring strategy that is successful and reduces the burden on you, both financially and emotionally.  Here are some of the things we do for you:

  • We  control the flow of information by insisting that the insurer communicates only with us.
  • We complete all update forms sent by the insurer.
  • We screen all attending physician forms completed by the treating physician.
  • We advise you on all return to work or volunteering activities you chose to do.
  • We prepare you for and attend all insurance company interviews. We have been through hundreds of such interviews and, therefore, can reasonably anticipate most of the questions.
  • We prepare you for all insurance company medical examinations, including hiring a nurse to attend with you if appropriate.

With our comprehensive approach, we take the stress off of you and help you avoid the many obstacles and landmines imposed by the long term disability insurance company.

If you are receiving disability benefits, but are worried that the long term disability insurance company might terminate your benefit, we can monitor your benefits and help give you peace of mind.