Samantha Merritt

Samantha Merritt

60 East 42nd Street,
Suite 1750
New York, New York 10165

Phone: 212.297.0700
Fax: 212.297.0730

What I like best about my job:
The best part about my job is being able to provide individuals with disabilities a sense of relief and hope. On a daily basis, I am able to be an advocate for those individuals who can no longer fight for themselves, and I have the opportunity to provide and ensure financial stability for their future. The disability process is demanding as is living with a disability; and every day I have the ability to take the burden of the benefit process from the clients’ hands and place them on mine. Arguing and taking a stand for what is right for individuals in need brings me much joy. I am extremely privileged to have the opportunity to do it on a daily basis.

Why I became a paralegal:
I started working in the field of disability law by chance. My degree was in communications with a focus on writing, and my big plan was to become a writer. To my surprise, I could not find a writing job and I took what I thought would be a temporary position in a Social Security Disability Law Firm. I soon found that I was able to combine the skills I had acquired through my college studies with my passion for writing and desire to help those in need. I immediately fell in love with the reality that I could be an aide to those with disabilities by fighting for the benefits they rightfully deserve. My temporary solution to unemployment became a career path I am grateful to have and a job I look forward to performing every day.

Town/State Born: Dover, NH

Town/State Live: Selden, NY

Favorite Food: That’s a tough one. I’m a foodie all the way but I’d have to say cheese, anything spicy, and pork.

Favorite Hobby: Cooking, Field Hockey and martial arts.

Favorite Sports team: I’m a New England girl! Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots and the Boston Bruins.

What’s on my bucket list? Cliff diving in Hawaii.

Degrees: BA, State University of New York, Oneonta, 2008.