Kasandra A. Raux

Kasandra A. Raux

275 Madison Avenue
26th Floor
New York, New York 10016

Phone: 212.297.0700 ext 110
Fax: 212.297.0730


What I like best about my job: The clients (though that’s not to say I don’t love my amazing colleagues). Many times it can be an uphill battle with the insurance companies and when a client tells me that I have helped them sleep a bit easier because they’re not as anxious and worried because they know they’re in capable hands makes me feel really good. This feeling helps drive me to be an even better paralegal than the previous day.

Why I became a paralegal: I love legal procedural dramas on TV and became fascinated with what lawyers did and the various fields practiced. I wanted to go to law school towards the end of my senior year of college. I decided that instead of going to law school directly, I would enter the field directly to gain experience before going back to school. Working in disability law occurred by happenstance and it makes me proud that I am able to make a difference in people’s lives. Eventually I did return back to school, but in a completely different field – social work. It is my current goal to combine both fields of practice.I find that I am able to do that here as I am able to use the skills I learned in social work with my clients, especially those who have mental disabilities, such as depression and anxiety.

Town/State Born: Brooklyn, New York

Town/State Live: West Babylon, New York

Favorite Food: Avocado, chocolate, my mother’s lasagna.

Favorite Hobby: Running, blogging, and learning how to brew beer – I like to attend a variety of beer festivals with my husband to learn more about craft beer styles.

Favorite Sports team: New York Yankees, New York Jets and the New Jersey Devils

What's on my bucket list? To run an ultra-marathon, learn how to drive, learn how to swim and compete in a half-ironman and learn French.

Degrees: BA, College of the Holy Cross, 2006; MSW, New York University, 2014.


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