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Dear Mr. Riemer, I would like to thank you for taking on my appeal of denial of long-term disability benefits by Aetna. I would especially like to thank you for assigning Paul Kampfer and Kasandra Raux to my case. Although I have no doubt the other members of your team are excellent, Paul and Kasandra did a fantastic job.
When I first found out I was being denied LTD benefits, two years after the diagnosis of Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, I was surprised, devastated, and, most of all, disbelieving. Aetna’s vocational expert recommended that, based on my skills and experience, I could find employment as a “project manager” and “research scientist,” the only two job titles I ever actually held. It’s like telling LeBron James that, based on his skills and experience, he could be a basketball player.
The loss of income was bad enough, but what was worse was that my medical insurance, which covers my daily medication that is keeping the disease at bay (at least at present), my doctor’s visits, and the PET scans that monitor the progression of my disease, was cancelled two weeks before I was even notified of the termination of LTD benefits. A PET scan costs $15,000. I was lucky that I was able to go on my husband’s insurance. Many of your potential new clients may not be so lucky.
I would urge them strongly to turn to your firm. From the moment I saw the description of your approach on your website, I knew that the appeal case your firm would put together would be the strongest possible – regardless of the final outcome. Paul and Kasandra left no stone unturned: from my physician’s statements, to the independent evaluations of my mental and physical capabilities, to the vocational analysis of my skills and past work experiences, to my own and my family and friends’ statements. Data point by data point, they addressed every detail of Aetna’s basis for termination. This immediately gave me peace of mind: if this data-driven claim does not succeed, nothing else could be done. Paul was always professional, courteous, and extremely patient with all my questions, and was very generous with his advice concerning conversations with my former employer in days following LTD benefit termination. Thank you again. Regards, Sally


Dear Mr. Riemer: This is to let you know how much I appreciate the work done by your staff in the preparation of my case’s appeal to Prudential.In particular, Serge Zenin, Esq. sets a standard of excellence that represents your firm in the highest light. Not only are Mr. Zenin’s legal arguments persuasive and well-articulated, but they are soundly based on his thorough understanding of the intricacies of my case, which is the direct result of his frequent counsel to me and my doctors as well as his tireless follow up and painstaking review of hundreds of documents. Further, throughout the process of assembling the case, Mr. Zenin maintained an extraordinary level of professionalism that both my doctors and I truly value. Also, greatly appreciated are the extreme professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail demonstrated by Arianna Gonzalez. I’m sure your other staff members are equally talented; I just did not have a chance to personally work with them. In conclusion, in advance and irrespective of Prudential’s decision, I believe in my heart that your firm did everything possible to win my case and set a firm foundation for any subsequent legal action. Thank you for assembling and guiding such a wonderful team! -Gloria

All,There are no words that can adequately express how I feel. I was completely overwhelmed during our initial meeting where the realities of the appeal process were explained to me. In my naivety I truly believed that we were undertaking a journey through shark infested waters. However, the professionalism, dedication and perseverance shown by the entire team from the beginning went a long way towards allaying my fears [and this certainly includes the patience shown when my ongoing medical problems interfered with my ability to maintain my share of the load]. You all put in an effort way above and beyond the call of duty and I will be eternally grateful to all of you. Thank you again, Sam

Dear Scott and Co.,Great job on my appeal letter. I even learned a few things about my case by reading it. I can’t believe CIGNA recorded my occupation as “database administrator”—a total fabrication! -Eugene

Dear Fran, Ellen, and Scott,Thank you for all your tireless effort and skill that won my appeal. – Susan

Dear Scott, Ellen and Fran,Thanks again, It was a long road, but we won! It felt like I won a lottery. -Jeannette

Dear Scott,I wanted to thank you again for all of your diligent work on my behalf leading to the appeal reversal. I cannot express how important this is given my ongoing medical issues and lack of ability to earn a living wage. I also wanted to thank your excellent staff. Audrey, Kasandra and Ellen all played a key role. Each displayed the highest level of professionalism and I am also in their debt. -Claudia

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