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Dentist Prevails Over Insurer’s Improper Application of the Mental Illness Limitation

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“Dr. X” was a successful Dentist in Westchester County suffering from major depression, anxiety, and associated symptoms.  She applied for benefits and the insurance company granted them under the policy, subject to the two year mental illness limitation in the policy.  While out on disability, Dr. X subsequently sustained physical injuries to her right shoulder when she fell walking down a flight of stairs.  These injuries, independent of her depression and anxiety, precluded her from performing routine dental procedures with her dominant arm.  Dr. X promptly notified the insurance company regarding her physical injuries and submitted medical evidence substantiating her physical restrictions and limitations of her dominant upper extremity.  The insurance company, however, discontinued Dr. X’s benefits by invoking the 24-month Mental Illness Limitation, despite the new physical injuries suffered by Dr. X.

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How to Win Your Long Term Disability Claim | The Basics

Benefits Policies Apply for Benefits

You’ve suffered an injury or experienced the progression or exacerbation of a sickness or illness that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for you to complete your job duties. You have Long Term Disability coverage through an individual policy that you purchased yourself, a group policy issued by an insurer to your employer, or both.  Now you need to apply for benefits.

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How to Win Your Long Term Disability Claim | Our Strategy

Benefits Policies Apply for Benefits

When you retain Riemer & Associates, we will sit down with you and formulate a customized strategy for exiting from work and filing your disability claim.  We listen to your needs and concerns and try to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.  Although every client and claim is different, there are certain strategies we follow for every client.

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Win Long Term Disability Benefits | Proving You Cannot Work

ERISA Vocational Assessment Proof Policies Own Occupation Any Occupation

Proving that you have reduced functional capacity and can't work is only part of the required proof  you need to win long term disability benefits.  You also must establish that you are unable to satisfy the functional requirements of the occupational standard in the policy.

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Understanding Your Disability Policy | Mental Illness Limitation

ERISA Mental Illness Limitation Policies

Your long term disability policy may limit your period of eligibility if your disability results from a psychiatric condition.  This is commonly referred to as a Mental Illness Limitation.  Notably, the limitation may affect you even if you are not disabled due to a psychiatric condition.

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